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Ginep platform

Development platform Web Meeting GINEP

The Scientific Meeting GINEPl, is an annual meeting of Gynecologists who give private help.

Description of the project:

Design and development of a platform with diverse functions that acopa±en to Meeting GINEP.

It is developed, in one first stage, a platform with two main sections, Area professional and Formation on line.

- Area professional: in this area, of access with registry, the professionals of gynecology can find on the one hand scientific information of the specialty, as articles, protocols and guides. And on the other hand, professional information, with a use stock market in which they can, as much to publish supplies of use as to register in the existing ones, and a section of legal consultant's office with faqs and the possibility of contact with the legal consultant's office.

- Formation on line: in the formation area, GINEP will as much publish different gratuitous courses as from payment (with integrated platform of payment), that will be able to be realised of form on completely line.

The management of the platform and its contents, are realised by the client of simple form, by means of the manager of contents that ZdCenter has developed


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