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The cookies are brief information that are sent and stored in the hard disk of the computer of the user through their navigator when this one is connected to a Web. The cookies can be used to successfully obtain and to store data of the user while it is connected to facilitate the asked for services to him and that usually they are not conserved (cookies of session), or to conserve the data of the user for another type of future services and which are possible to be conserved per indefinite time (persistent cookies). The cookies can be own or of third parties.

Several types of cookies exist:

Our webpage uses technical cookies, of analyses and publicity, that in no case treat personal character data.

The application that we used to obtain and to analyze the data of navigation is Google Analytics. This application has been developed by Google, that to us the service of analysis of the hearing of our page lends and thus to have information of the visits of the users, the contents more seeing, etc, which allows to improve the navigation of the users.

Also we used cookies of Google Adwords to cause that the publicity is more attractive for the users. These cookies usually are used to select announcements based on content that is excellent a user and to improve the information of yield of the campaign by means of the click pursuit.

In order to allow, to know, to block or to eliminate the cookies installed in your equipment it can make it by means of the configuration of the options of the navigator installed in his computer.

Next we indicated the steps to him that must follow to modify the cookies, based on the navigator who is using: